I think it’s time to delete my tumblr. After a couple of things that happened I realized that the internet takes over lives and it just becomes unpleasant. It makes us more likely to accuse and assume. I’ll be deleting my Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr as well as last fm and any other social networking site. If any graphic designers want to still hit me up for collabs or anything, ask me for my number. And if any followers would like my number to speak with me, go ahead and ask. I won’t decline. Have a goodnight guys.


Thy Art Is Murder (jcarrphoto )

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Born Of Osiris
By Greg Rothstein

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After The Burial | Lee // Trent

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Acres // Something To Write Home About

"So I’ll do this for you
I need you to feel it
it will hurt but it will heal
how I wish you’d believe it”

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I Declare War

Pale Skin

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Rotting Out - Iron Jawed Angel (x)

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How many people in your web of lies
Every time you speak I fucking die inside
Genocide of the mind

The words that flow from your mouth
Spreads like a disease
Infecting the thoughts of every living thing